Because of our high degree of specialisation in our scope of activity, we have been speakers in trade-related presentations for many years. In such presentations we show to the audience the most-up-to-date developments in Building Law, Architects Law and Building Insurance Law.

We also transmit how these developments impart the practice and what recommendations can be derived for action, effects on the design of contracts and much more. The interested audience for such presentations encompasses Construction companies and firms of Architects, various associations and even Public Contracting Authorities.

We conduct trade expert seminars for our clients in regular intervals, which contain the most up-to-date developments in jurisprudence and legislation.

In this we follow an interdisciplinary approach. We let construction specialists speak who are not from the legal field and we show the countrywide competency network that we have installed. Of course, we are available for you and your company to conduct In-house-Seminars.

Upcoming Events

Seminars in 2017

„The new Building Contracts Law“
Hamburgische Architektenkammer
Grindelhof 40 20146 Hamburg
09 Feb 2017, 0200 PM to 0600 PM

„The new Building Contracts Law“
Bundesverband Freier Wohnungsbauunternehmen
Rennaissance Hotel, Große Bleichen, Hamburg
09 May 2017, 0200 PM to 0600 PM

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