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Areas of Activity

Private and Public Construction & Architects Law Hamburg

Our SK Lawyers will accompany you during all the phases of the value creation chain, from the first creative idea for the development of a building up until its disposal. Similarly, we advise our distinguished clients in the Purchase (Due Diligence), in Development, Planning and Construction of a Building. In so doing, SK Attorneys cover the broad spectrum of Construction Law and Architects Law, including the relevant interfaces to other sectors (Public Construction Law, Building Insurance Law, Tender Award Law). Our lawyers are specially versed with the technical, building and construction procedures and requirements of Plant Engineering. They will support you individually with contracts that are purpose-written for your requirements, in Contract Negotiation, during Project Development and Execution, in the sale or rental of your building as well as in the defence of your interests in Court and out-of-Court. We invite you to benefit from our conservative and holistic approach today. We show you opportunities and risks of your case at the preparatory stage, without generating false optimism. Hence, we give you a reliable basis for your decision of whether and in which way to pursue your objective.

Because of the long-standing experience and high competency degree that SK Attorneys have, in case of conflicts awaiting under the surface or imminent, we do not focus solely on the lawsuit. Partners of SK Attorney are active also as Mediators and Referees and may be able to pursue a path of sustainable, economically sensible and fast out-of-Court settlement together with you. Such a path into an out-of-Court settlement, mediation procedure or otherwise negotiated settlement is often preferable, especially where the parties are engaged in other projects with each other and want a fast decision by an expert.

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