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Welcome to our Law Office

for Construction and Architects Law in Hamburg

This Law Firm was founded by Friedrich-Karl Scholtissek, Solicitor, under the name “Scholtissek Rechtsanwälte”. Later, Dr. Florian Krause-Allenstein joined as Partner.

In 2008 our Law Office changed its name to “SK Scholtissek: Krause-Allenstein, Kanzlei für Bau- und Architektenrecht”.

We are a highly specialised Law Firm, and our scope encompasses the whole Construction Law, Architects Law and Building Insurance Law. In these fields of action, we advise Project Developers, Investors, Construction firms, Architects and Private Building Principals countrywide.

We follow a philosophy of holistic advisory which takes into account not just the problem at hand, but rather the interest of our Client as a whole.

As a result, we do not just evacuate the present conflict but we contribute in a preventive way to avoiding future problems. Wherever this appears possible and sensible, we focus not on a judicial contest but rather on a comprehensive and sustainable, fast out-of-Court settlement.

In our advisory we are conservative, that is, we show you opportunities and risks of your case at the preparatory stage, without generating false optimism. Hence, we give you a reliable basis for your decision of whether and in which way to pursue your objective.

Our Law Firm

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