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Our Law Firm

Lawyers with plenty of experience in Construction Law / Architects Law

Your Advantage

Based on our long-standing experience mainly in Construction Law and Architects Law as well as in Insurance Law, we have the highly specialised knowledge that you need. This will give you the desired security for your case, and this, in all the fields of activity that we advise for.

Our specialisation enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments, in a context where clients are facing a flood of Court decisions and publications and a significant change of Laws and Jurisprudence especially now.

Even more, we are, by our own publications in our fields of activity, a doctrine leader in these very developments. What this means for you is a high degree of acceptance with your opponent and Courts alike, when it comes to making your interests prevail. We have a countrywide network of Construction and Architectural experts and other subject matter experts whom we can associate to support your case as the need arises.

We offer you an individual and client-oriented advisory which ensures that you always have a single point of contact whom you trust and who knows your case inside out, thus enabling continuity in your case. We shall not pass you along from one person to the next. Our Law Firm also enables you to remain in contact with your Advisor almost round-the-clock and at very short notice in any case.

Our conservative advisory, which Clients have been trusting for many years, shows you opportunities and risks of your case, and hence, gives you a reliable and well-founded basis for your decisions. So you are on firm ground at any moment during the lifetime of your case.

Our holistic concept offers the advantage that even second-line interests, which perhaps you are not even aware of at this moment, shall be taken into account. In addition we aim to further your knowledge of the subject matter and so, to enable you to avoid pitfalls of conflict in the future.

In all that we do, we show you in a transparent manner how our wages generate, so no bad surprises of any kind. From the first appointment you will know which various ways of remuneration exist.

Our wages accrue in agreement with you and in relation to the individual case. You shall receive with the invoice a monthly compilation of activities, so you see how we work for your money and you can be sure to receive the value you paid for.

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