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Architects Law

Attorneys Hamburg - Advice for Architects

SK Attorneys are a highly specialised Law Firm, and our scope encompasses the whole Construction Law, Architects Law and Building Insurance Law. The larger and more complex a building project is, the higher the requirements that architects, engineers and project managers as well as their clients are facing. SK Attorneys advises architects and civil engineers on all facets of your contractual scope of services, to safeguard and enforce your fee claims, in the assertion of planning and construction supervision deficiencies, as well as on individual liability and professional liability issues. SK Attorneys are at your disposal during all project phases, from contract conception to contract management, up to the enforcement of or defence against fee supplements for planning, including, where necessary, the conduct of litigation concerning your fees.

In addition, as experts in the field of building insurance, we always keep the aspects of insurance law in view and maintain a clear delineation of the responsibilities of those involved in construction. As concerns HOAI (which is the German ordinance that determines fees for architects and engineers), and the more traditional aspects of fees and wages Law, we have an impressive record of successful attorney work, supported by related expert publications that have made doctrine. We also host numerous speeches and seminars and so, aim to spread our expert knowledge.

Services in Architects Law, at a glance

  • The entire Law surrounding the fees of Architects and Engineers
  • Architects Contract Law
  • Architects Liability Law
  • Insurance Law
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